hi, my name is Mirko myear

2k17creative frontend developer

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lines of code

Symbolic number of course,
but that means the endless lines
of code written in VSCode


important brands

Honored to have worked with cool brands
like: TIM, Giovanni Rana, Mutti and Ferrero
with one of the best digital agency
in the world: AKQA



with whom I collaborated
and i joked in this year


hours of study

this year I’ve invested my time to improve
and study new technologies such as: sass,
tasks manager, javascript, animations and optimizations


hours of *!\*

hours dedicated to solving cross
browsing problems (f**k ie)


new countries

this year I visited 2 new countries: Morocco and Germany.
Yeah! Hope it could be the beginning of what I’ve always dreamt: to become a digital nomad!

..and the most cool libraries and frameworks are:

a special thnk u toall the people I'veworked with

i'm currently freelancing and always up for new challenges so, if u're a digital agency and have some cool project ...